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A few things we’re proud of

All businesses have certain traits. These are ours :

Gamers 4Ever

Our team consists of hardcore gamers who enjoy all sorts of games on every platform.


We are very open minded and we believe in certain ideas that the majority would dismiss. This aspect of us makes us lethal at planning our next move!

Highly Motivated

We have a lot of reasons to do what we do! The most important of them all is that we continually aim to design and develop the best game out there!


Park Mania is a mobile action puzzle game

Draw a path for cars in the queue in order to park them and move up floors once you fill all the parking slots. It’s a game full of surprises.


Bullet Bend is a classic hypercasual example

Rotate your bullet around the cylindirical platform and hit as many fruits as you can to speed up!


Despot is a role playing resource management card game

Swipe the cards left or right to answer common folks’ questions to get their support to take down a tyrant.


Cube Home 3D is a hyper-puzzle game that is very fun and innovative

There are queues of furniture from two sides of the room and our objective is to choose which furnitures to place first and complete the level.