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A new arising industrial revolution is turning visible at the horizon line. After the 4th revolution of industry where automation and computation took place through more technologically complex electronic devices, a new trend is emerging: Age of AI and cyberspace i.e meta-verse.The end is nigh but not the atrocious kind of end.

This new trend comes with not just computers but also advanced AI bots that can paint, sing, and are capable of performing art despite what we thought about AI merely a few years ago. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Nowadays, software and AI companies are also on top of procedural animations and other types of simulations that we might need from computers. AI can now learn to drive cars, run, walk and do all sophisticated human actions and beyond in a matter of minutes. We are in for a ride. They might not kill us but they will surely take us to strange places.

The other piece of the puzzle is something I would like to call cyberspace rather than the preposterous name “metaverse”. You, as the reader, may think I am against it but no. The sole reason I call it that is because it had already existed for so long. It just was not named “metaverse” and it is absurd beyond imagination for a single person to give it a name and claim the entire concept even though it has been practiced and is still being practiced by so many. We are evolving into singularity but the only way to enter is through artificial reality and artificial spaces. Video games are only thought to be an entertainment service. In reality, maybe in an artificial reality, it will be the reality itself.

One should realize this is the new wave and it will take us all by surprise, especially those who are in the business. If you know what you are doing, you are one of the lucky few. In this age of cyber-space and cyber-brains, we will see a glimpse of singularity.

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